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Rewards are available on the stream anytime Bugs is live and are redeemable with your trash balance. If you do not have enough trash to redeem the reward, then it will not work. To check your trash at any time, use the command !trash.

Copy paste the command to redeem one of these GROUNDBREAKING QualityTrash Rewards!!

Redemption Name Trash Cost
!Lololove 1,000
!Dab 1,250
!Achoo 1,500
!Dadjoke 2,500
!Cba 3,000
!Lolob 4,000
!pickaname 4,500
!weouthere 5,000
!Treat 5,000
!Motivate 5,000
!Dinoscan 5,000
!1v1 25,000
!onehitwonder 50,000