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The stream’s giveaways are run by your donations. Contributions are ALWAYS appreciated and help make it so Bugs can offer games, RP, steam credit and whatever else he finds that you guys will want. want to make it on the list? Click here to make a donation

Name Total Donations
Plushie $684
Lolo $562.50
Quasihawk $495
sNuMzY $333.84
Edegus $208.40
arkgod(LOL) $150
Kylefoolery $141.91
Bad_Neko $108
ChaoticAlzon8 $100
Anonymous $100
FireMcDank $93.40
Jackiechantz $83.99
Cocobro247 $70
James220 $60
Mmmayo $53.35
ItBeRawr $51.25
ascoolasyou67 $50
ZephyrionXYZ $50
ShellShokked $50
mozrin $42.60
WillOwn4food24 $40
Izwardo $40
justCallMeRain $37
Kappafade 30 €
Asithious $30
iCrash71 $30
LemonPieTV $30
TheInfidel403 $30
Malt_CS + kohai_caro $30
MoshingHook $28
CaptainKillbuzz $25.50
Sw4gDaddy $25
H0PPA $25
jackiechantz $25
theempireis_ $23.68
ChiyooSan $20.24
osiris $20
wastedQT96 $20
Hype $20
JonnyB724 $20
msgtporkins $20
SouljaX $20
Mehoff88 $17.51
Squeakyjew $15
CriticallAim $15
imposedones $14.20
returntodust $13.32
Xtralis $12.40
Casperdk1555 $12
tac0o0o0o $11.15
KyleDunn $10.69
CapownedU $10.33
Elevens $10
WilliamLowinski $10
Chevelle $10
Dolphinator_ $10
betchmodus $10
dfirecracker $10
Sheercool998 $10
TalmadgeYundt $10
RepT1leDude $10
Johnnyrebel123123 $10
Mitrosen $10
Gotsomegame $10
LordBScapes $9
Steerba $9
inkyxx $9
Dreadwatch $7.50
WellyWonka $6.25
420 Caro 420 $6.20
malturism $5
sofakingcool $5
Nastei $5
thresh_supp $5
ReubyTuesday11 $5
GoLightly $5
A-A-Ron $5
collider6 $5
aznhot $4.20
Fizgig26 $4.20
Drew_Ben $4.20
IVI463R $4.20
MarcosMVP $4.20
Pineaqples $4.20
RagewuT $4.20
NoxNova $4.20
FirstFederalGaming $3.50
ThemTekkers $2.48
Lazycat $2
TunedGTI $2
SunTV $2
PhilMckrakin $2
LoLTurrtle $3.23
itsnovalicious $1.23
Connorm $1.23
GlassyTea $.50
MooreRP $0.01


Anything donated that wasn`t a monitary donation is listed here. These are games, skins, and actual items that people have sent to bugs. Thank you so much for your appreciation guys!

Items donated Name
War Craft 3 + the frozen throne Symbolish
old saint zilean Criticallaim
Corsair MM300 Extended Mousepad Ragewut
Predator .308 Rifle Skin(H1Z1:KotK) Zanakai
Holiday Hoodie – H1Z1 asscrusttt
Camo Survivor backpack- H1Z1 TumorJesus
CSGO CZ75-Auto polymer, Emoticons: (Sheephappy, Bulkify, Eaglegrin, Cheepy, Forgottenhero, Penangry, Golum) Steam backgrounds:(Collage, Silence), H1Z1 EZW Crate, 2 frostbite, 1 infernal, 1 invitational crate Confl1ct
600W Corsair PSU KingFishie
Archduke Nasus, Nunu Bot, Hextech Janna, Battle Boss Blitzcrank, Arcade Ahri, Sashimi Akali, Barbecue Leona, Order of the Lotus Irelia, Sultan Tryndamere, Mafia Miss Fortune, Arcade Riven, Arcade Miss Fortune, Arcade Ezreal, Black Scourge Singed, Vi(smurf), Rammus(Smurf) and Xin Zhao(Smurf) mitrosen
$44 worth of Domino’s Pizza, Castle Miner Z, Dinosaur Hunt, $20 Dominio’s personal pizza titled “Rengar’s Cheese” Pizza, supplied 3 copies of 7D2D and a pair of custom jordans for halloween giveaway, Verdun, WWE 2k16, my name is mayo, unloved, darkness assault, zombie boom, suvivalist, and street racing syndicate Steerba
Siren Cassiopeia and Dragon Trainer Tristana Scrappadappadoo
Guardian of the Sands Rammus and Mr. Mundoverse ShamMastaFlex
Annie in Wonderland,Zombie Nunu, Lunar Wraith Morgana CapownedU
Masked Shaco, Pool Party Fiora, Surprise Party Amumu, Nightmare Tryndamere, Gentleman Gnar, and Blackfrost Anivia, crockpot, paraffin wax, and G-Fuel Jackiechantz
Demonblade Tryndamere and Commando J4 Defmann
Radiant Wukong, Deep Sea Kog’Maw, Project Katarina, Emumu, Wicked Lulu, Scarlet Hammer Poppy, Championship Zed, Dragonslayer Jarvan, Full Metal Jayce, Amethyst Ashe, Lunar Goddess Diana, Project: Ekko, Abyssal Nautilus, Battlecast Vel’koz, Star Guardian Jinx, $17 pizza delivery, A new headset :D:D, and Bewitching Tristana Plushie
Imperial Lux xxironjxx
Omega Squad Teemo shellshokked
“I Like Turtles” Shirt, A new computer desk, Star Guardian Lux, Foxfire Ahri Mousepad, Officer Caitlyn, Headhunter Caitlyn, Forecast Janna, Little Devil Teeto, Definitely Not Blitzcrank, and a dank computer chair! Lolo_Bean
Dell 3007WFP-HC 30-Inch LCD Widescreen Monitor Kuro466
Enter the Gungeon Brandon7x7

Donations have been updated as of 6:53pm 12/24/2017